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Types Of Hair Loss

We make and provide hair pieces and medical wigs for people suffering from a range of hair loss conditions. Each condition is treated uniquely with advice differing from case to case. Thanks to our vast experience providing bespoke hair solutions for thousands of people, you can rest assured that we can help in every instance.

Folliculitis Decalvans

A chronic neutrophilic inflammation resulting in scarring hair loss, causing tufted hair folliculitis. Multiple hair shafts emerge from a single hair follicle resulting in a ‘dolls hair’ appearance. This can cause a mild itch, discomfort or pain. At Amiwigs we aim to make the hairpiece as lightweight and comfortable as possible, a silk lining could be an option to prevent any further discomfort for the wearer with this condition.

Anagen Hair Loss (Alopecia)

Hair shedding that arises during the growth stage of the hair cycle. This is due to an acute injury to the hair follicles caused by an origin from within e.g medicine.

Telogen Hair Loss (Alopecia)

Temporary hair loss due to the excessive shedding of hair in the resting stage after some shock to the system. New hair continues to grow, pushing out the resting hairs increasing hair fall is noticeable 2-4 months after the triggering event.

Lichen Planopilaris

A rare inflammatory condition that results in patchy progressive permanent hair loss. Commonly develops in association with lichen planus affecting the skin. Usually slowly progressive, common sites are the sides, front and lower back of the scalp. Here at Amiwigs we specialise in creating a bespoke hair piece/wig for your individual needs, catering for a range of hair loss distribution the client may be experiencing.

Hoffman Disease

An inflammatory destruction of the hair follicle which is typically painful for the patient. At Amiwigs we create a bespoke hair piece or wig to fit the specific individual’s head shape and measurements, therefore minimising any discomfort. We use lightweight materials and discuss with the client as to what form of attachment works best for them.


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    We understand the emotional impact that hair loss has on both men and women. We provide a range of pieces for both men and women that are undetectable to the eye. The most popular being the ‘wiglet’ for women, as it incorporates a ‘pull-through’ system, where your own hair is pulled through the piece to create a seamless blend between the piece and your own hair. For men, the ‘toupee’ is the most popular and effective. It can be made with a number of materials, depending on the thickness of your hair.

    We cater for a variety customers who suffer from a number of skin conditions, resulting in hair loss. The materials we use are soft on the skin; a silk lining is an option for particularly sensitive skin conditions.The hairpieces we provide are all designed after an initial consultation, tailored to each person, for an undetectable fit and finish.

    Alopecia is a hair-loss disease that affects men, women and children. The onset is often sudden, random and frequently recurrent. Although not damaging to physical health, alopecia can have severe effects on quality of life and emotional health through its impact on confidence and self-esteem. At Amiwigs we aim to provide wigs and hair pieces that will change lives and the confidence of our customers. Everything is bespoke and tailor-made, from the fit of the wig/hairpiece to the hair colour and texture.

    Customers undergoing chemotherapy treatment will be at their most vulnerable; at AmiWigs we aim to provide a comfortable, stress-free environment where customers can feel confident about the services and products we provide. All our wigs and hair pieces are made from soft, lightweight materials that are breathable and soft on the skin, which naturally becomes more sensitive and tender during treatment.

    Trichotillomania is an impulse control disorder where one gets the compulsive urge to pull out one’s own hair leading to noticeable hair loss and distress. It is very difficult to treat and is more common than people are aware of. The patches that trichotillomania sufferers have on their heads as a result of the disorder vary in shape and size amongst different people. At AmiWigs we aim to provide hair pieces and wigs to rebalance hair distribution, and help with our customer’s confidence.

    Lupus is a name given to a collection of autoimmune diseases, in which the human immune system becomes hyperactive and attacks normal, healthy tissues. Symptoms of these diseases can affect many different body systems including hair follicles, resulting in hair loss. At Amiwigs we provide hair loss solutions for a variety of hair loss reasons, and cater for all kinds of hair loss distribution. We strive to create a bespoke hair piece/wig that will suit and provide comfort for our customers.

    This is a very common form of hair loss, although sufferers may feel somewhat isolated while experiencing this type of hair loss. The loss of hair that occurs is due to an underlying susceptibility of hair follicles to androgenic miniaturization. It is the most common cause of hair loss and will affect up to 70% of men and 40% of women at some point in their lifetime. Men typically present with hairline recession at the temples and vertex balding while women normally diffusely thin over the top of their scalps. Within females it very rarely results in complete baldness. At Amiwigs we make and design bespoke hairpieces to blend in and attach comfortably to our customers’ existing hair. All our hairpieces will be colour matched seamlessly to the customers own hair and made on a lightweight base offering both comfort and confidence.