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To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the series Century 21 Films produced three brand new episodes of Thunderbirds using all the classic techniques. The series, produced in association with copyright holders ITV, was based upon three original 1960s voice recordings. The task was to build sets, puppets, and models matching the originals and to marry them with those adapted voice recordings. The final effect should make the audience feel that they’re watching three long-lost episodes. The series premiered at the BFI in August 2016. Ami Wigs Ltd was approached by Century 21 Films and was responsible for creating the all the wigs for Lady Penelope.

Victoria Derbyshire

An excerpt from Victoria’s book Dear Cancer Love Victoria

– ‘ In the afternoon i spend an hour and a half in the company of Amy Holt, the lady who makes wigs. She is young (thrity-ish, I’d say), petite, well spoken and with an extremely kind, gentle nature. I cannot believe how many considerate people I’ve met in the last couple of months…

…..She doesn’t bat an eyelid. Her pragmatic yet kind manner is reassuring. She’s seen it all before… Then she brings in my handmade wig on the mannequin head. I’m taken aback by how much like my hair it is – the colour, the cut, the length, the style. I’m quietly thrilled -this is the one thing that’s going to help me carry on working over the next few months…. ‘

Stylist magazine

Interview printed in Stylist magazine