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Frequently Asked Questions

By filling in the contact form on our website stating when would be most convenient for you to come in, or email us via the contact form on the right or call us on 0203 489 6996

All additional appointments cost £40+vat

Yes we do at a cost of £60+vat.

At Amiwigs we are happy to carry out customers fitting and appointments in the comfort of their own home within a 5 mile radius of our studio location. Any further locations within the surrounding counties will be charged at an additional 45p/mile. If you live further away and would still like to book a home visit, our time at a daily rate will be charged at £200/day plus fuel.

We encourage our clients to come in for a consultation where we can talk through all elements of wearing a wig/hairpiece, to the maintenance involved and what hairpiece is the most suitable. During the consultation we do a fitting where we take measurements, hair colour notes and lengths to ensure we produce not only a beautifully fitting wig, but to help create the style and density most suitable for the client. We then email through an ‘Order Form’ which will have a breakdown of your order and the cost. If you would like to place the order a 50% deposit is required.

Wig prices are mainly determined by colour, length and density. Also, your desired style will alter, to a degree, the cost depending on what knotting pattern is needed to achieve the desired style. Black and dark brown hair is the least expensive, through to very light blonde and grey being the most dear. Most wigs cost between £1500 – £2200, and hairpieces generally start from £400.

All Amiwigs customers who are undergoing chemotherapy, have been diagnosed with alopecia or who have been deemed to be suffering from medical hairloss, qualify as vat exempt and will not pay VAT on their Amiwigs orders.

We accept Debit Cards, Cheques, Cash and Bank transfers.

Yes. There is a 6 month guarantee on the workmanship of the wig to ensure the quality of the construction of the wig complies with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

A number of our wigs are made on site. All foundations are made on site, and all wigs are finished on site. We also have a wonderful team of outworkers who live in London and the surrounding counties.

At Amiwigs we use hair suppliers based in both the UK and Europe. All our hair is beautiful European hair unless requested otherwise. We ensure all the hair is sourced ethically.

Yes. If you would like to use your own hair or hair that a friend or member of family has donated this is a service we offer at Amiwigs; being a preferred option for some clients. However an important consideration is that a couple of inches in length will be lost in the making of the wig.

The average making time, from receipt of deposit to first fitting, is 6 weeks. We aim to have all orders completed by this time, if not sooner as we appreciate for a number of clients time plays a big factor.

This depends on the type of hairloss. If you have no hair, we have a superb range of toupee tapes and accessories that will help adhere the wig comfortably and securely. If you have hair, we use clips that are sewn into the inside of the wig cap to ensure it stays secure while maintaining no unnecessary traction on your hair. If you have progressive hairloss it may be that a combination of both tape and clips would be your best option; this is something discussed during your consultation.

Yes. Due to the softness and breathability of the foundation, it allows for hair regrowth.

Yes. As you wear and wash the wig, the foundation softens and becomes more and more comfortable.

We use a variety of laces, traditionally called swiss lace. It comes in different strengths and colours, which we tailor to your order.

With each order we give you maintenance information and a head to wash and style your wig on.


The key to keeping your wig in good shape is to ensure it is pinned very securely onto the wig with glass-headed dress making pins; pin all around the edge, ensuring the wig is pulled tight and secure. When washing make sure all water and shampoos and conditioners are smoothed onto the wig, not scrubbed – as this is bad for the foundation of the wig.


Smooth shampoo through the hair, rub in at ends, and rinse off with a shower head or by swooshing through a sink of clean luke warm water. Repeat with conditioner. Be sure not to put any shampoo or conditioner directly onto the knots as this may loosen them. We recommend using sulphate free and moisturising shampoos.


The wig can then be left to dry naturally or blow dried. If you are applying any heat to any Amiwigs wigs, we recommend a heat protector spray is used.

Yes, certainly. Highlights can be knotted into the wig while it’s being made to avoid any unnecessary additional processing to the hair. This is an element discussed during the initial consultation.

Yes and No. Although we source the most beautiful hair we believe to be available; we do not know the full history of the hair which can affect whether it will ‘take’ colour or not. 95% of the time it is not a problem, however this is something to consider when choosing colours. We always recommend to go slightly darker if unsure, as hair does ‘lift’ in the sun.

Yes and No. Although we source the most beautiful hair we believe to be available; we do not know the full history of the hair which can affect whether it will respond accordingly to the perming process. We do not recommend this styling method at Amiwigs as it does damage the strength and quality of the hair.

Yes. The key to keeping wigs looking radiant is to keep them moisturised. So a heat protector is highly recommended by us at Amiwigs when applying any kind of heat, as constant use of styling tools can dry the hair out.

Yes. All our wigs are made with human hair, so they will respond in the same way as a natural head of hair to all hair products.

We are very happy to give your wig a basic cut with your order. However if you have a hairdresser you prefer, by all means discuss having it cut by them beforehand, as some hairdressers may be superb at cutting hair, which is very different to cutting wigs. So we always recommend speaking to your hairdresser first before committing to a cut by them if they have never cut a wig before.

This all depends on how often you wear your wig. On average most clients wash their wigs once every week or once every other week. For example, you may want to wash your wig if you have exercised in it, or if you have been around any strong smells, such as a bbq, as hair absorbs smells.

All our wigs are hand-knotted, so a small amount of hair will shed after a while. If you wear your wig on a daily basis, it is normal to expect to need a small amount of knotting maintenance on the front section and parting/break after 3-6 months.

This depends on how much the wig is used and looked after. Clients who wear their wigs everyday should expect their wig to last at least a year.

Yes we do. It all depends on what needs doing, but if we’re able to help we will endeavour to do so.

Yes, to an extent. All our wigs are bespoke and hand knotted, so a small amount of shedding is expected.

Not necessarily. This depends on how often you will wear your wig and your type of hairloss. A number of clients have more than one wig so that when one is having maintenance work being done, they have another one to wear. Also some clients will have seasonal wig designs, such as highlights in the summer, or some darker shades in the winter, to simulate natural growth and bleaching from the sun.

We do not recommend this. This could result in the hair moving to the inside of the wig cap, and also chlorine damages the hair which can result in discolouration.


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