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Gerlize de Villiers
June 22, 2021

The most beautiful wig, a piece of true craftmanship – Amiwigs is simply amazing! When the wig arrived, my sister was so excited and I felt overwhelmed and so very grateful that I found Amy. My sister was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lymphoma whilst COVID was raging around us. The wig is part of a miracle - no matter how ill she feels on the inside, when she puts the wig on, she feels like her old self again and even the old sparkle is back in her eyes.

I live in the UK, but my sister lives abroad and we were all in total lockdown at the time, hence Amy had to do everything remotely - from the very first consultation and taking the measurements right through to doing the fitting and explaining how to care for the wig. I still don’t know how she did it, but Amy managed it all, including our emotions, so skilfully and made us feel that my sister’s wig was as important to her as it was for us. The wig is so true to life you can’t imagine it is not her own hair. Amy blended natural hair from different colours when weaving the wig to create natural highlights and she cut it in a lovely style that is very complementary to my sister’s facial shape – it turned out to be just perfect! Plus easy to care for and to wear even if you have a sensitive scalp due to chemo.

I cannot recommend Amy highly enough, not only for what she does, but also for the way in which she does it. I wish I could introduce every person that struggles with hair loss, for whatever reason, to Amy as I know you won’t ever regret meeting her.

Administrator Answer
What a truly wonderful review, thank you so much for taking the time to write this. It was only a pleasure to meet you all - i am quite honestly in a privileged position to be able to help in the way that i do, so a big thank you for trusting me 🙂 x
February 15, 2021
Restored my confidence

Due to strong medication I started to loose my hair I was really depressed and stopped dressing up and going out My children booked an appt for me to see Ami and I am so glad that I kept the appt To my amazement I realised that there was life after loosing your hair because this is where Ami came to my rescue. We discussed about the type of hair cuts I’d had and what colour I’d like the wig What texture is like Would I like a blend of 3 or 4 or more colours in my wig What thickness or length I’d prefer it was ALL about me and what I wanted to make me feel whole again and restore my confidence. After 6 weeks I went for my first fitting
I couldn’t contain my excitement when Ami put my real hair wig
on me My husband was with me and his eyes lit up and he said You can’t tell that I’m wearing a wig
Ami had put her heart and soul into making a perfect natural looking wig for me I
Im 62 years of age and I can modestly say that I looked more like 52
Ami had designed a beautiful natural looking wig

I can’t thank Ami and her enough
I look and feel amazing when I go out
I feel as if I’ve come out straight from the hair dressers

Administrator Answer
Thank you so much for a such a wonderful review 🙂 It was a pleasure working with you! x
Venetia Maltby
December 4, 2019

I am usually hopeless at this sort of thing and am a committed 'non-user' of social media (!) BUT I am trying to get this done to say thank you to the team - and especially Amy who continues to run a really wonderful business despite expanding her family simultaneously. (Respect).
But in particular, and whilst the quality of Amiwigs hair pieces is absolutely outstanding (and I am DELIGHTED with my new (2nd) hair piece which is brilliant, I want to highlight the customer service which is second to none. It seems that Amiwigs have a company policy of being polite, kind, friendly, gentle and caring, which is both unusual in today's fast moving world, but also absolutely wonderful when going through the painful experience of dealing with hair loss. It just makes all the difference and I would like to thank you so much for being all of these things.
With love

Liz F
April 23, 2019

Wow, Amy made the perfect wig, the quality is second to none. Amy made me feel comfortable with her friendly approach to all my hair loss problems. She gave me all the time I required to chose the colour, texture and type of wig. On going back for my wig fitting, the sheer pleasure of suddenly owning a wig that was made to measure, with the colours and type of hair I requested, I was totally blown away. I am no longer self conscious of my lack of hair but proud to own a full head of beautiful hair. I will be back. Thank you Amy

Administrator Answer
Thank you for such a wonderful testimonial! We are so pleased it has worked out so well 🙂 xx
April 15, 2019
Wish I had found her sooner!

I have suffered from thinning hair for over 10 years and tried everything I could - shampoos, head sprays, vitamins, volumising sprays, coloured dry shampoo. I was diagnosed with female pattern baldness, which is just the same as what men get really except thin rather than bald, especially on the top and the crown, and the doctors weren't really able to suggest anything to help except using things like Rogaine which I was not keen on as was not a permanent solution and was not something you could use when pregnant or breastfeeding (which given my age was a factor to consider).

I had friends who used glue-in hair extensions to thicken the look of their hair, but mine being so thin, and mainly noticeable on top, this wasn't really an option for me. I can across the concept of clip on hair pieces / wiglets and they looks like they might be a good option to try. I was really conscious that I did not want to look like I was wearing a wig and want the hair to be as naturally looking as possible so after researching online, I came across Amiwigs and after reading all the reviews I decided to give it a try.

Once I met Amy and looked at the quality of the wigs and also the hair, I knew it was something I wanted to go for. Amy matched by hair colour perfectly by using a mixture a natural hair to make a natural looking blend. When I came back for my fitting, I could not believe how good it looked - it was just the right thickness as to blend in with my normal hair, cover my thin scalp but not look like a completely different head of hair. I was a bit nervous about wearing it to start with most people didn't comment at all, and those who did just said "your hair looks nice today". When I told my friends about it they were amazed, to them it just looked like a good blow dry! I am able to wear the hairpiece with my hair up or down, and have found the after care really straight forward.

If anyone is considering trying a wiglet to help disguise thinning hair and to give you confidence back in your hair I would really encourage you to go and see Amy. I love that I don't have to worry about my hair now, I can wear it down with confidence, its really quick to do in the mornings now I don't have to spend ages making sure my scalp is not visible. I only wish I had found this 10 years ago!

Administrator Answer
Dear Rose, Thank you for such a super review!! We're very lucky to be in a position to help x


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