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June 11, 2018
Top quality and service

As a lifelong alopecia sufferer, I have had a variety of wigs (many of them quite horrible!). Amy has made me, by far, the best one ever - great fit, beautiful hair, perfect look. The process was straight forward and easy. Can’t wait for my next one!

Sara London
June 5, 2018
Highly recommended

Amy made lots of little hair pieces from my own hair shortly after I was diagnosed with alopecia. I'd lost around half of my hair and was feeling quite upset and down at the time I met her. Amy was friendly, practical and very sensitive about my situation. She was also well-informed about alopecia, which made it even easier for me to chat to her about what had been going on. It had taken me a while to find a wig maker prepared to work with the client's own hair but Amy was experienced in this and I felt surprisingly comfortable as she cut off inches of my remaining locks. I'm really pleased with my hair pieces, not just because they're so skilfully made and look so natural, but also as the whole experience with Amy was positive and reassuring at a time when I really needed that. Highly recommended.

Julie Nottingham
August 8, 2017
Thank You Amy!

“I had my first consultation with Amy over a year ago and was immediately put at my ease with her advice and professionalism. I am devastated to have lost a lot of hair through tremendous stress I am under, and working in the health and fitness industry in front of members of the public I was getting more distraught and frantic as to how to hide my condition to be able to go to work… and Amy came to the rescue. Her wig for me is amazing, people would never know it’s not my own hair. It is a perfect match for how my hair used to be and Amy has literally given me my life back, I would not leave the house without her skillful hairpiece - thank you Amy.”

Administrator Answer
Thank you for the super review ? xx
Chris Kent
August 2, 2017

My new three quarter wig has been a great success. it is very comfortable to wear and has brought many compliments from friends who have seen me in many different head coverings .Amy has a very professional but caring attitude which put me at ease immediately and the confidence she inspired was not misplaced. Put yourself in her hands and relax!

Administrator Answer
Thank you for such wonderful feedback 🙂 We are thrilled to hear how much of a success the hairpiece is.
It has made my week!
Amy x
Claire Chaudoir
February 6, 2017
My confidence has returned!

My new hairpiece has given me a much-needed boost of confidence after a very stressful year, during which about half my hair fell out. Although the hair loss has now slowed, the regrowth hasn't yet started, and I've been feeling very self-conscious. Despite my best efforts to blow dry and style, my hair looked sparse and limp and ratty. As soon as I met Amy, she was understanding and really kind - she didn't make light of my concerns at all, and talked me through the various options available. We decided on a small hairpiece (or 'wiglet', and matched up the colour from her supply of beautiful European hair. The wait was short, and four weeks later I was back for a fitting. I couldn't believe how light the piece was - the net base seems strong but is almost invisible; it fits my head shape perfectly, sitting just back from the hairline so that there's no sense of artificiality. What's great is that it doesn't entirely cover my own hair - it just adds some much needed volume, and the tiny combs which clip the hair piece into place are really discreet (nothing like the bulky ones in my store-bought clip ins). What's best is that I've had lots of compliments, and even family and friends have not suspected - however many have commented on how nice my hair is looking! ? My hairpiece seems very good value for money when I consider how much I'd been spending on various attempts to restyle/cover up/etc. And you can't put a price on confidence!I can't thank Amy enough, especially as she managed to get everything finished just before her baby was due.

Administrator Answer
Thank you for the super review Claire 🙂
So glad the hairpiece has worked out! x


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